Do you like our business model?  We have launched a business that is not only recession-proof, it is recession-positive. Our overhead is nil. All contracted positions are responsible for their own expenses. We are not interested in becoming a public company. To do so would be a distraction from our core business, which we believe contains the DNA to become the world’s largest, and most important, company. Why would we expose our operational “special sauce” to our competitors? We are not in the business of diluting our vision by relying on share sales, we are interested in holding onto these precious shares to receive the rewards of owning them to confidently retire with, and to pass on to our progeny. These unique shares are conceived of to remain as an enduring fiscal legacy within the founding families. Most of our shareholders despise the corporate casino culture of the stock markets and their ethically-challenged participants. Our privately held shares are too valuable for such nonsense. How many companies issue one class of equal voting shares that earn a transparent monthly disbursement based on a % of gross? Not many, if any!

Here are the two simple equations by which our shareholders monthly disbursements are calculated:

1) The shareholders divide 1% of gross trading volume from Collective Currency every month in trade credits. They may use them as trade credits at face value or redeem for cash at whatever arbitrage rates they can attain individually.  The market for excess commercial capacity is assumed to be worth $9.3 Trillion (2009). We have the best model to corner that market, but even if we only get 1% of 1% of it… Do the math.

2) The shareholders divide 10% of gross receivables cleared (redeemed for cash) from the Accounts Receivable Assistance division.  Another amount equaling 10% of Vendor’s Dealacopia earnings.  What exactly is the market value of global Accounts Receivable? MASSIVE!  Naturally, the exact numbers are in flux. The potential is nearly infinite…

We hope that you will choose to work with us, and consider this:  Commerce + Unity = Community.

Peace and Plenty, Steve Dale Founder – Universal Expansion Group, Inc.