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Check out “Virtual Barter” This is the Android app to use if you are a Collective Currency member.

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Why are we registered in Barbados?

1) The double tax treaties.  As we’re providing international websites for online trading and e-commerce this is important, as well as the island`s reputation for integrity. 2) An educated workforce is available to offer marketing and support for our various

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Additional revenue streams for business networks, including Chambers of Commerce

Business networking groups and Chambers of Commerce share a sense of purpose: they exist to help their members become more profitable.  Business networking groups focus on referrals.  Chambers of Commerce typically work on promoting the region and member businesses within. 

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Comparative study of Trade Credits and Bitcoin

Visit the Collective Currency blog that outlines the differences and similarities between these widely used altcurrencies. A short study of BTC versus T$ Bitcoin is brilliant and beautiful, no doubt about it. The growth of the original cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, has

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Be a part of something special.

Do you realize that we are basically a global liberation movement masquerading as an offshore company?

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