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Our first consumer transaction took place in May, 2013.  It was for a case of wine, at a 50% discount, paid for with bitcoin, through our Bitpay-enabled shopping cart.

Treat yourself, and feel good about it!

Treat yourself, and feel good about it!

Vendors may register on Credit Clearing Solutions to post offers on Dealacopia and receive 2/3 of the sale price.  Once registered and approved Vendors select their offer, their discount pricing, and post their own description and pictures. This is the best offer for Vendors in the wide world of deal sites.

Dealacopia is where we arbitrage our Digital Gift Certificate inventory, part of which we earn from the Accounts Receivable Assistance section of our Credit Clearing Solutions division.  This is how we can distribute cash to our various clients, contractors, and shareholders, while driving business to their struggling customers.  Together we are clearing B2B credit issues, and fighting inflation by contributing deflationary pricing for the benefit of the public consumer.

It is easy and free to set up an account on Dealacopia, and when you do, you’ll earn 10% of the cash spent by your referrals, paid out bi-weekly, forever!  Put a referral tracking link on your site, in your signature, your blog, wherever you want.  It’s residual, passive income, and it doesn’t cost you a cent.  If you would rather donate the earnings from the invitations you’ll share with your friends, you may share the referral link of your favourite Non Profit Organization. We accept and payout in cash or bitcoin.

Organizations can benefit from using Dealacopia as the world’s simplest fundraising tool.  It’s easy and we’ll be happy to help you set up your free account and get you started. We are a committed social enterprise on all levels.


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