Additional revenue streams for business networks, including Chambers of Commerce

Business networking groups and Chambers of Commerce share a sense of purpose: they exist to help their members become more profitable.  Business networking groups focus on referrals.  Chambers of Commerce typically work on promoting the region and member businesses within.  They engage in marketing on behalf of the group, while hosting events that serve the members well for networking amongst their peers.  Both tend to generate their revenues through the collection of dues.  We applaud both types of organizations and we are pleased to announce that we have developed tools to facilitate additional non-dues revenues.

The tools we offer to Independent Business Developers will be perfectly useful to organizations as well as individuals.  A Chamber of Commerce or business networking group should really consider using them, as the costs are minimal, and painless.  We only get paid when you do.  There is actually no set-up cost whatsoever, it is totally free to play, we only share in the winnings.1)VENDORS – Invite your members that list deals on deal sites to list the same offers onto Dealacopia through your organization.  They will receive 66% of the selling price, the best offer in the industry.  Your organization will earn an amount equal to 10% of their Vendors earnings.  That could really add up if all of your eligible members list an offer!  (Note: my winery,, earned $14,000 in one week sale in November 2013 on a deal site)  That one offer per member could easily be worth 2-3X the annual dues of that member.  In addition to this, it is a residual payment in perpetuity.  Even if a business lets their Chamber (or group) membership lapse, but continues to list offers on Dealacopia years later, the commission still pays out to the organization.

2)SPENDERS – Using their strong local and online presence organizations may also opt to invite consumers to shop for deals on Dealacopia.  Those shoppers that register through your tracking link (for online advertising) will also generate a commission equal to 10% of their referrals spending.  Again, imagine that your organization was earning 10% of what is being spent in local deal sites?  This is in addition to revenue from listing Vendors.

3)BARTER – our B2B trade platform will be a good fit for many of your members already either belong to a barter network, or trade informally.  Collective Currency is easy to use on both desk tops and smart phones.  CC is set up as a member-driven trade exchange, although private persons may also act as trade brokers.  This is truly a model of sustainable commerce based on the principles of Mutual Credit, at 0% interest.  At Collective Currency we practice what we preach, there are no cash fees!  We accept our own currency, all commissions are in T$ (Trade Credits), not cash like our competitors.  We will waive the initiation fee of T$500 for Chambers and their members.  This special offer is a great recruiting hook for members, and the 5% commissions on each end of a transaction are divided as such: 4% Trade Broker (or organization) and 1% @UEGinc.  When your members transact trades with one another, your organization will be earning 8%.  The T$ are effectively a community currency for a global community.  They may be denominated in any currency and they are backed exclusively by the pledges of our members to provide products and services, typically of their excess capacity.

4)CREDIT CLEARING – once your organization has succeeded in the preceding divisions, our 3rd division ties it all together and becomes a powerful tool for redeeming AR and AP issues, both locally and abroad.  This is actually a way of resurrecting the dead capital in the marketplace to restore balance to the economy.  Due to uncirculated interest in the marketplace, the amount of debt greatly exceeds the amount of currency in circulation.  A debt-based monetary system is broke by design!  By connecting dusty inventory and downtime with those that could use it we believe our 2 Settlement offers can clear the outstanding credit issues.  The Accounts Payable settlement offer stands on Collective Currency, and may only be offered by members thereof to their Creditors, while the Accounts Receivable settlement offer stands on Dealacopia whereby Creditors may offer to settle, for a premium, in Digital Gift Certificates that will be redeemed for legal tender.

More business for you and your members, with the pleasant side effect of clearing the global debt crisis.  Other NPO’s, such as Charities, who register as such on Dealacopia will be the recipients of gratuitous invite sharing by members on behalf of their selected Charity.  This has the potential to become the greatest fundraising tool of all time.  Charities may also set up commission-free accounts on Collective Currency so that members there can donate their excess in-kind to those that could use it.  We hope that choose to help us help you help your members.  There is nothing to be afraid of.  Please reach out and say “Hello”!

All the best,  Steve Dale

Founder – Universal Expansion Group, Inc.


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