Universal Expansion Group, Inc.

A global liberation movement masquerading as a fintech company.

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Commerce + Unity = Community

Universal Expansion Group embodies Social Enterprise through Sustainable Commerce.

Another way of doing business


Dealacopia is a conscientious e-commerce site with an emphasis on Social Enterprise embodied by the fact that we donate 10% of gross sales to registered charities as selected by the Members. We also provide a platform for unlimited independent Merchant Managers to launch a career from anywhere in the world. In addition to allowing companies to list Digital Gift Certificates (DGCs) for their products and services, this is where we arbitrage the excess capacity of our CCS clients debtors as generated from the AR Settlement Offers on CCS.

Collective Currency

The Collective Currency division of UEG, Inc. is a mutual credit network which predominantly differentiates itself from the other barter/trade networks of the world with NO CASH FEES. Period. The role of this site is to facilitate sustainable commerce modeled along the lines of mutual credit for a global network of forward thinking businesses. We provide a Usury-free economy, with 0% interest financing for businesses.

Credit Clearing Solutions

The third division of Universal Expansion Group, Credit Clearing Solutions, stands on the first and second division. In fact, it is the reason for the other two divisions. CCS is an innovative alternative to conventional collection agencies. There are two aspects of this program, Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable settlement offers, either one to be activated according to the needs of each company that approaches us for solutions.