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A global liberation movement masquerading as a fintech company.

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Commerce + Unity = Community

Universal Expansion Group embodies Social Enterprise through Sustainable Commerce.

Another way of doing business


Dealacopia provides businesses and consumers with access to deals on excess inventory or capacity from a growing consortium of suppliers locally & worldwide. 

It’s simple. When you join Dealacopia, you can purchase unique offers from diverse companies and suppliers while supported Charities receive 10% of gross sales from the site.  Your invites direct our donations.

Dealcopia is the premier marketplace for merchants, manufacturers, wholesalers and consumers, where social enterprise is the core principle.  We provide a career opportunity for anyone, anywhere to engage as Merchant Managers, as it makes sense to empower them to sign up and manage additional merchants to leverage the Dealacopia marketplace to increase sales to new customers in new markets. 

In the hyper competitive, but fast growing, world of e-commerce, we’ve claimed our ground.  Instead of budgeting a major percentage of revenue to marketing, we provide a win-win revenue share by donating 10% of gross sales directly to registered charities who’ve joined our site.  We both win via the positive exposure generated, and the donations raised for these worthy causes. 

It is the mission of Dealacopia to provide a work from anywhere ecosystem for anyone and everyone who has access to the internet.  All of our Merchant Managers are independent Business Development Specialists, and we welcome everyone to the mission of recruiting and managing Merchants.  Merchant Managers earn 6.6% of the gross sales of their Merchants.  It’s a commission for helping Merchants sell inventory, but not for doing sales.  All of the consumer sales referrals are done on behalf of, and paid out to, Charities.  10% of the gross sales on Dealacopia are paid out by us as donations to the Charities.  Whether you want to earn money yourself, or earn money for your favourite Charity, your referral links are waiting for you to share them.

Register as a Merchant and start selling today!

Collective Currency

The Collective Currency division of UEG, Inc. is a mutual credit network which predominantly differentiates itself from the other barter/trade networks of the world with NO CASH FEES. Period. The role of this site is to facilitate sustainable commerce modeled along the lines of mutual credit for a global network of forward thinking businesses. We provide a Usury-free economy, with 0% interest financing for businesses.

Credit Clearing Solutions

The third division of Universal Expansion Group, Credit Clearing Solutions, stands on the first and second division. In fact, it is the reason for the other two divisions. CCS is an innovative alternative to conventional collection agencies. There are two aspects of this program, Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable settlement offers, either one to be activated according to the needs of each company that approaches us for solutions.