Credit Clearing Solutions

A systematic approach to a systemic problem

This innovative division of Universal Expansion Group is a unique alternative to conventional collection agencies. As all Legal Tender is loaned into existence with uncirculated interest mathematically impossible to repay debt is created. The problem is compounded in the marketplace with additional interest charges. The amount of debt now far exceeds the amount of currency in circulation, leaving many businesses struggling with a virtually impossible debt load. We have experienced both ends of this conundrum and realized that many businesses are drowning in a sea of abundance which is stagnating for want of liquidity in the marketplace. Once we awoke to the fact that the mainstream economic model is currently broke by design, the inspired solutions became as obvious as they are simple. We mobilize (monetize) the excess capacities of those concerned to revive dead capital.

There are two aspects of this program, either one to be activated according to the role of the company that approaches us for solutions. Creditors approach us to implement our Accounts Receivable Assistance. Debtors approach us to avail themselves of our Accounts Payable Solutions. Through these carefully-crafted automated Settlement Offers, we seek to arrange a harmonious clearance of bad debt, with no harsh words and no ill-will. In either case, both parties will be happy to continue to do business after we have assisted them to settle their debt dispute in a mutually beneficial manner. Credit Clearing is not Credit Collection, and the outcome is far more desirable. When working for the Creditor, we do strive to get them back dollar-for-dollar what they are owed. We don’t buy their debts for ten cents on the dollar. We don’t alienate and hassle their struggling customers who are drowning in debt, we throw them a lifeline. This strengthens customer relations, rather than destroying them.  A settlement offer is directed to the Debtor on behalf of the Creditor, to settle at a premium of 3:1 in Digital Gift Certificates, which we then proceed to sell off to the public for cash at 50% of face value on Dealacopia.  The Creditor receives 66% of the proceeds from each sale to get paid back. working for the Debtor, we seek to offer their Creditors a favourable settlement offer of pre-paid credit to purchase goods or services from our global network of companies, optionally at a premium above what they are owed, at no risk.  If they can’t spend it, they are still owed the debt.  If they can spend it, they are increasing sales and exposure for our client, who is then responsible to offer more of their product to the network.  Visit Credit Clearing Solutions for more details on how we work out winning solutions to our clients’ most puzzling debt issues.  The simplicity of our approach to clearing credit holds the key to it’s potential. Together we can make debt disappear, regardless of the fickle fiat monetary supply and it’s correspondingly mathematically-impossible-to-repay debt.
Crushing debt? We do that, nicely.