Collective Currency

The evolution of the barter network.

Paying cash fees to barter is like trying to drink yourself sober.”
– Steve Dale, Founder – Universal Expansion Group,Inc.

This division of UEG, Inc. predominantly differentiates itself from the other barter networks of the world with NO CASH FEES. Period. The role of this site is to facilitate sustainable commerce along the lines of Mutual Credit.

Collective Currency is a global network of forward thinking businesses. Our member-driven platform provides a Usury-free global economy, with 0% interest financing for businesses. Unlike the vast majority of our competitors in the barter industry we do not charge cash fees. We endeavour to assist our members in monetizing their excess capacity. This is how we got our motto, revive dead capital. If your business prefers to buy products and services and pay with your own products or services, this site is for you! Your discount on all of your purchases within this exchange is equivalent to paying at the incremental cost of your own product, with the added bonus of simultaneously increasing your market share. You really should have a look at the many ways that this can benefit your business, and the people that depend on it.  We have experienced 10X growth in this division one year after launching May 1st, 2012.  May, 2013 we became the first barter network to allow members to “cash out” through Bitcoin conversions. We are not just “making money” we are making history.

Everything tastes better on trade.

Businesses are eligible for 0% interest Deficit Spending Privileges, effectively a Line of Credit, to spend within the network. This enables businesses the security of spending first, and only providing their product to cover what they have spent.

In addition to businesses, NPO’s can use this trade network to their benefit by accepting donations from businesses with excess capacity. NPO’s offer tax-deductible receipts to the network to pay for their purchases. A simple way to connect the excess capacities of industry to the needs of benevolent organizations. Member businesses will use these tax deductible receipts to offset their tax obligations with otherwise unsold inventory.

We encourage organizations, such as business networking groups to take advantage of membership by becoming operationally active as Trade Brokers in Collective Currency to serve their members better while creating additional residual revenue streams. There are no cash fees associated with this project, at all.

As a member-driven exchange we are all responsible for growing our network, with our mantra being “A member a month.” If we all refer a member a month, we will grow exponentially, as will our opportunities to spend against our excess capacities. By posting your Wants regularly other members will know which types of businesses to refer.

Individuals are welcome to register Collective Currency accounts for free. They may earn and spend, but are not eligible for deficit spending privileges.

Be sure and download the Collective Currency app to login and process your trade transactions on your smartphone!