Meet The Team

Corporate Team

Steve Dale – CEO
Bruce Kamm – CTO
Carlos Landázuri – COO

Steve Dale – CEO/Founder

Seriously inspired vision.

Steve lives in the beautiful Okanagan Valley of BC, with his high school sweetheart, Kirsty, and their two children, Ava and Griffin. He loves nature, so he philanthropically raises chickens for the coyotes, and vinifera grapes for the birds. Whenever he gets off the farm, he loves to travel, ski, sail, snorkel/dive, and surf. He is evangelically passionate about teaching people how to profit by perpetuating the ongoing collapse of usurious fiat currency. He believes that everyone can simultaneously make a mint, by making a difference. Steve and Kirsty support an substantial number of charities and NPO’s.
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Bruce Kamm – CTO

We are extremely fortunate to call Bruce our CTO. He has a wealth of knowledge and experience when it comes to technology, the barter industry, and its software. Before the Internet, Bruce was a pioneer, developing online information services for the Regional Bell Operating Companies. More recently, he has developed one of the most popular barter network software platforms in existence, and has worked tirelessly with us to customize it to accommodate our unique business model. Bruce’s experience and expertise includes barter, trade, countertrade, asset management, and alternative capital financial transactions that greatly expand liquidity and bottom line profitability. Bruce’s expertise also includes all phases of real estate development and construction in addition to marketing, promotion and operational cost reduction for the hospitality and restaurant industries.
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Carlos Landázuri – COO

As a seasoned COO with a background spanning hospitality, restaurant industries, customer service, and sales, Carlos demonstrates a remarkable ability to drive operational excellence. Carlos helps in organizing teams, fostering collaboration, and maintaining clear communication across diverse channels. Carlos prioritizes important tasks, preventing them from becoming urgent and ensuring goals are achieved efficiently. His experience in customer service and sales adds a valuable dimension, enhancing his ability to adapt strategies and foster continuous improvement. He facilitates open discussions, resolves conflicts, and communicates adjustments effectively, cultivating a culture of adaptability and success.
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