We believe that there is meaningful work for everyone. We’re contracting motivated individuals, and there are several ways to work with us. We have a 3 level program open to the public.

Level 1

Independent Merchant Managers who direct and assist Merchants to use our e-commerce site, Dealacopia, will earn 10% residually on top of the payouts to their referred Merchants. As the volume of sales by Merchants managed by an individual increases this could become a very lucrative endeavour.

Level 2

Once an individual contractor has successfully operated as a Dealacopia Merchant Manager for three months they may opt to also become a independent Trade Broker on Collective Currency.

Trade Brokers will refer new companies and help them get the most out of their trading.

The independent Trade Broker will earn 60% of the initiation fee trade credits.

Companies will be paying $500 vUSD in trade credits for an initiation fee.  $300 vUSD will go the referrer; $200 vUSD will go to the platform. 

It is relatively easy to sign up the new businesses, as we are the only network that is not asking for a blank cheque or credit card info, like all of the other exchanges.

We are offering the businesses that will sign over some surety a 0% interest line of credit (up to 5% of their last year’s verified gross sales) to shop in our directory before they ever have to offer up some of their goods or services to cover their trade deficit within the network.  They can shop first, and then later pay in their own scrip. Everything that they buy is effectively discounted at their incremental cost of goods sold.  Even better, most of the gift certificates that they issue will come back with new business attached.  It is relatively easy to get most small to medium businesses to try this if they are not being asked for a blank cheque or credit card to join.

The Trade Broker who gives them a business card (or a link) with a reference number for them to log in to the application page is identified and their trade credit account is credited upon acceptance of the application and activation of the account. 

An additional revenue stream for these independent contractors is that for signing up new members they will also receive $100 vUSD for every new business member’s accepted application referred by the new contractors.  This comes from the $200vUSD to the platform that then becomes $100vUSD for the platform. 

Anyone may apply to become a Trade Broker.  A Trade Broker should strive to source out requested goods and services for their members, while helping their members generate new business.  For this they earn  4% of their members gross trading.

Level 3

The next level of working with our organization is as a Credit Clearing Specialist. Check out our innovative site for more information.  Being registered as a Merchant Manager on Dealacopia and being registered as a Collective Currency Trade Broker (or a Trade Broker on any other approved trade network) are the only pre-requisites.  Training is provided, and like all of our positions, the work can be done from anywhere you can get online and make calls.  Find out what you would have to do to make $1000+ per hour solving the debt crisis.  Hint, we aren’t a collection agency.  This does not involve collecting cash from businesses that don’t have it.  On the contrary, we send them new business.

Level 4

We are seeking Linguistic Division Managers in many languages.  LDM’s are responsible for being the face of the various UEG, Inc. divisions per language.  The compensation package for this role revolves around a % of gross earnings per language, per division. 

Contact Carlos Landázuri, [email protected] to discuss your involvement.

Level 5

Individuals who have shown proficiency in operating through the first three levels may be invited to join the Executive Board or Board of Directors. The available executive positions are posted on our Meet The Team page. The unique business model of UEG Inc., provides the Executive Board with a compensation package equivalent to the amount paid out to shareholders as dividends. This is intended to attract and retain highly motivated top talent. No other corporation we know of offers such an alignment between what’s best for the shareholders and the Executive Board. In other words the Executive Board shares an amount equivalent to that distributed to all of the shareholders.

All of the positions with each of our divisions are suited to highly motivated individuals who do not like to see a cap on their earnings potential.

You don’t have to quit your day job to test out our program, and there is no cost to you to get started.   First, register on Dealacopia as a Merchant Manager. Second, set up an account on Collective Currency, and request Trade Broker status.  Third, set up an Credit Clearing Specialist account on Credit Clearing Solutions.

If you want to work with us these sites are FREE to join!  We look forward to welcoming you to our portfolio of sites. Good Luck.